The concept of neuroplasticity is relatively new and represents the future in many fields of medicine and post-rehabilitation physical therapy.

Today, the old thesis that a damaged brain cell cannot recover is obsolete. Neurons can regenerate, and another group of neurons can take over the destroyed function of a part of the brain by creating new synapses between neurons in damaged parts of the brain, which is achieved in neurorehabilitation by repeating the movements of damaged limbs with visual and dopamine-driven stimulation.

Recently, we have faced an epidemic of various neurological disorders. The most common are MS, cerebral palsy, people suffering from stroke, with a third of all patients permanently disabled. Neurodegenerative diseases represent a significant burden for society, and they dramatically impair the health and quality of life of patients and their families.

The Neuroblast device is designed to assist both adults and children with neurodegenerative diseases, enabling continuous exercise during post-rehabilitation at home. This simple interactive sensor device merges physical therapy with a gamified design, creating a motivating and entertaining experience through video games.

  • Enhanced Recovery: To empower patients in regaining lost limb function through targeted exercises.
  • Community Engagement: To foster networking, competition, and engagement within a community of individuals facing the same or similar challenges, thereby enhancing motivation.
  • Encouraging Socialization: To create a space for social interaction among users of the device and their family members, making exercise not only a path to recovery but also a fun and enjoyable shared experience.

By addressing these core areas, Neuroblast aims to revolutionize home-based post-rehabilitation, adding value and enjoyment to the recovery process.

Our solution is mobile, easy to use, and accessible to everyone.

Our solution, Neuroblast, is designed to be mobile, user-friendly, and accessible to all.

  • Sensors Equipped: The Neuroblast device is fitted with advanced sensors that monitor the user’s movements in real-time. These movements are then translated into controls for engaging video games.
  • Targeted Visual Stimulation: Our specially crafted video games don’t just entertain; they stimulate specific movements, encouraging users to perform exercises that can aid in neuroplasticity and post-rehabilitation efforts.
  • Wireless Convenience: With Bluetooth connectivity and battery operation, the Neuroblast device is easy to install and use. Simply connect to a computer, and you’re ready to go.
  • Customizable Sessions: Our unique video games are designed to activate particular nerve pathways and muscles, supporting the recovery process. And with customizable play sessions, users can tailor their experience to their specific needs and progress.

Achievements and Milestones for Neuroblast:

  • Winner of StarTech 2021: A crowning achievement that set the stage for a fruitful year for the Neuroblast team.
  • Dubai Expo Presentation: Neuroblast had the prestigious opportunity to present their product at the “Health Week” segment of Dubai Expo in February 2022. A momentous occasion that showcased our innovation on an international platform.
  • Katapult Accelerator 2022: Joining the ranks of winners at the Katapult Accelerator, further solidifying our reputation as a pioneering force in the industry.

Neuroblast’s Prominent Presentations and Appearances:

  • Among Ministers of Science and Telecommunication: Neuroblast was showcased at elite gatherings, sharing the stage with esteemed ministers in the fields of Science and Telecommunication.
  • At the Science Fund: An opportunity to highlight Neuroblast’s groundbreaking work, contributing to scientific progress and innovation.
  • BioTech Forum 2022 at Palace Serbia: Presenting at this prominent forum underscores Neuroblast’s commitment to cutting-edge biotechnology and our alignment with industry leaders.
  • ViennaUP at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce: Proudly representing Serbia, Neuroblast brought our vision and expertise to this significant international event, strengthening global connections.
  • International Fair of Technology and Technical Achievements: Being part of this renowned fair has been a truly enriching experience, fostering collaboration and expanding our network within the technological community.

Marija Grujić

CEO at Neuroblast

Marko Grujić

CTO at Neuroblast

Boris Gara, PhD

Hardware and software architect at Neuroblast

Ljubiša Petrović

Business Strategy and Sales at Neuroblast

Ivan Ćuk, PhD

Biomechanical Consultant at Neuroblast

Milan Stević

Lead Game Developer at Neuroblast

Jakov Perić

Game Developer at Neuroblast